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Our vision is a European Union where raw materials are a major strength, and where the union’s industrial strength is based on a cost-efficient, secure, sustainable supply and use of raw materials.
In this vision, products, processes and solutions are integrated with interconnected material cycles. These dynamic and fast-changing material cycles will attract new investment, enhance innovation, capacity for competitiveness and attract the interest of talented, skilled, and entrepreneurial people.
We envisage a European society which is conscious of the importance and value of raw materials; one in which the sector will be perceived as innovative and attractive. This vision is in line with the ambition of the Communication of the European Commission on European Industrial Renaissance in 2014. The vision of EIT RawMaterials foresees an extensive systemic change, along with innovation in technologies, education, and society.
To reach this vision, we believe the link between the optimal use of primary and secondary resources should be developed, as well as a new generation of skilled people entering industry, universities and research. This development builds on the current strengths of the EU raw materials sector with its leading capabilities and technologies in exploration, mining, processing and metallurgy of raw materials from primary and secondary sources. It benefits from world-class competence in the design of tools and equipment, smart products and services, end-of-life product management and recycling. Vital to achieving the vision is world class learning and education. The strength and complementarity of EIT RawMaterials contributes to realising this ambitious vision for Europe.
In summary, the mission of EIT RawMaterials is to boost the competitiveness, growth and attractiveness of the European raw materials sector via radical innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ses compétences C2IME

  • Validation and accélération
  • Matching and networking
  • IET Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS)